This Marriage Business

This Marriage Business with Vicki Lester, Allan Lane, and Victor Moore.  Victor Moore played the main creditor in the last movie I saw, She's Got Everything.  He has a wonderfully low-key acting style.  I wonder whether the director would have to keep asking him to speak up.  The female lead is played by Vicki Lester, which was the name adopted by Esther Blodgett in A Star Is Born, the first version of which was released in 1937.  As far as I know there is no relation.

Okay, the movie...
While pursuing an eloping heiress, reporter Bill Bennett (Lane) stumbles across a small town marriage license clerk named Jud Parker (Moore).  Parker claims that no couple that he has issued a license to has ever gotten divorced.  Bill plays up this angle in his newspaper story and soon the small town is a booming elopement destination.  Bill falls in love with Parker's beautiful daughter, Nancy (Lester), but she already has a boyfriend, plus she is not sure of Bill's motives or character. Also, there are gangsters, an illegal casino, corrupt politicians and Parker is framed for murder.

Familiar face: Jack Carson as 'Candid', Bill's photographer.

Here's something you don't see today... a date involving pulling taffy:

Bill watches Nancy and her boyfriend pull taffy


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