This movie has quite an incredible cast: Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon, Franchot Tone, and Rosalind Russell. Unfortunately, Rosalind Russell has hardly any dialog except for a schmaltzy speech near the end. She probably spoke more words in the first two minutes of "His Girl Friday" than she did in this entire movie.

Myrna Loy loves playboy Walter Pidgeon, but he marries industrial heiress Rosalind Russell instead. Myrna doesn't give up and Walter's head is easily turned. Platonic family friend Franchot Tone would be a better match, and so it (eventually) goes. It gets a little maudlin in the last act.

Mystery House


This one starts out with a locked room murder in a hunting lodge, then reconvenes all the suspects for what looks like an "and then there were none" scenario, but it peters out after two additional murders. Agatha Christie didn't publish that book until the following year, anyway.

Accidents Will Happen


Ronald Reagan plays Eric Gregg, an insurance fraud investigator who is very good at his job. He is saving his company thousands of dollars but  (despite promises from his boss) his own compensation is not increasing. Gregg's wife Nona (Sheila Bromley) is impatient to start having some of the better things in life. Her impatience eventually causes her to collude with an organized bunch of insurance fraudsters to get her husband fired. Gregg, jobless and wifeless, conspires with the girl from the candy counter (Gloria Blondell) to form his own insurance fraud racket. Eventually he merges with the original fraudsters and begins orchestrating bigger and bigger frauds. *Spoiler Alert* It turns out he has been working undercover with the State's Attorney to gather evidence against the fraudsters.

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