She's Got Everything

This is the last of five movies from the 1930's in which Ann Sothern starred opposite Gene Raymond. Ann plays once-wealthy socialite Carol Rogers who (upon the death of her father) finds herself not only broke, but seriously in debt.  The men to whom she owes money conspire to get her to married to a wealthy man so that she will have the means to pay them back.  Carol dismisses the idea and wants to get a job. One of the debt holders (played by Victor Moore) takes charge and sets her up as secretary to wealthy coffee magnate Fuller Partridge (Gene Raymond), still hoping for a lucrative marriage.

In the final scene Sothern and Raymond are married in a ceremony on the back of a crowded truck that is racing to make the departure of the Queen Mary.  The gag here is that there is so much noise that the couple can't hear the Justice of the Peace asking them to say "I Do."  In my newspaper search I found that this scene was used as the basis for a Lucky Strike ad campaign:
The loudest "I do" a bride ever spoke! Even after such throat-taxing scenes, Anne Sothern finds Luckies gentle on her throat...


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