Here's Flash Casey


The hero of this movie is a newspaper photographer.

Adventures of Chico


This is a nature film about the local fauna of Mexico told from the viewpoint of a young goatherd named Chico. I almost didn't watch this but I'm glad I did, if only because there is a real live contest between a coyote and a road runner. Spoiler: the coyote wins. Beep beep.

Sinners in Paradise


A motley collection of citizens board a seaplane to Shanghai. Off course and in a storm, the plane crashes in the Pacific ocean and the passengers barely jump into the water before the plane explodes and sinks. In an unlikely but fortunate turn of events, all the passengers plus the only surviving crew member (the steward) make their way to an almost deserted island. The only inhabitants are debonair Jim Taylor and his Chinese man servant.  Jim offers the rag tag group of survivors dinner and then informs them that he will not aid in their rescue or continue to feed or shelter them. They then form a little Gilligan's Island community. There are some unsavory munitions dealers, a former senator, a lady industrialist, and other interesting characters.

Held for Ransom


This is obviously a low budget movie, and critical plot points were presented so poorly that I watched about half of this movie again so that I could figure out what exactly was going on. That being said, it was an enjoyable watch.

The plot:
Millionaire candy maker Herbert Scott is kidnapped in broad daylight. A ransom of $50,000 is paid but he is not released. Local police suspect his nephew Larry Scott, but the Feds are not convinced. Girl FBI agent Betty Mason is put on the case.

The viewer is kept in the dark partly to keep the suspense going but mostly because everything is so poorly explained. I was going to explain everything here but it got pretty long so I just backspaced over it. My blog, my choice.

Wives Under Suspicion


A workaholic prosecutor who over zealously pursues the death penalty has a change of heart when he finds himself thinking murderous thoughts in a jealous rage.

This movie contains one of the most overtly racist lines I've run across: "Well she certainly can cook. That's more than most of them can do."



A rich-girl-pretends-to-be-poor story. This trope works better in a comedy and if they intended for this to be a comedy they did it wrong. All the wealth in this movie originates from the lucrative business of mattress manufacture and sales.

International Crime


This is a movie about "The Shadow", aka Lamont Cranston. In my exhaustive 12 minutes of internet research I have learned that there is no real 'canon' of the Shadow. During his heyday of the 30's he took on several incarnations in print, radio, and film. In this, the second full length movie of the character, the Shadow does not have the ability to cloud men's minds, nor does he 'know'. The Shadow is the nom de plume and radio personality of Lamont Cranston, a self-proclaimed criminologist who has a daily newspaper column and radio show. He solves crimes to publicize that "crime doesn't pay" and because he enjoys embarrassing the police force.

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