The Shopworn Angel

The Shopworn Angel with Margaret Sullavan, Walter Pidgeon, and Jimmy Stewart.  Daisy Heath (Sullavan) is a jaded showgirl in a passionless romance with her wealthy producer, Sam Bailey (Walter Pidgeon).  Along comes green recruit Pvt. Bill Pettigrew (Jimmy Stewart), who falsely represents to his buddies that Daisy is his girl. When they force him to prove it she acts the good sport and plays along. Bill then decides that she is the embodiment of the idealistic girl of his dreams.  And because he is about to be shipped off to war, world-weary Daisy takes pity on him and allows him to court her. Continued exposure to pure-hearted but naive Bill awakens Daisy's dormant idealism, and the disruption of routine causes Sam to re-examine and re-ignite his own feelings for Daisy.  On the eve of his deployment Daisy agrees to marry Bill, despite the real love she and Sam now feel for each other. Bill must run straight from the chapel to hop on a troop truck (I recall seeing this scene before).  Bad news from the front comes while Daisy is performing "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag" for a local USO type show.

Familiar faces: Hattie McDaniel as Daisy's maid. Nat Pendleton as a doughboy pal of Pvt. Pettigrew.


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