The Devil's Party

The Devil's Party is cut from Angels With Dirty Faces cloth.  A group of delinquents from Hell's Kitchen plan a heist from the produce market.  Marty, the leader, starts a small fire as a diversion and accidentally sets fire to the warehouse.  He is caught but takes the rap alone and goes to reform school while his cohorts go free.  Fast forward and Marty is the owner of a nightclub and casino, former child moll Helen is his star singer, brothers Mike and Joe are cops, and Jerry is a priest.  The whole gang gets together every year to reminisce but this year's reunion becomes complicated.  Marty has sent his thugs to strong-arm an unlucky gambler into making good his bad check.  Despite admonishments against being too rough they brain the guy to death.  The clever thugs make it look like a common accident by sawing loose the hotel's lighted rooftop sign so that it swings down through the gambler's balcony window and hits the body.  Joe the cop is suspicious. His brother Mike the cop is not.  Marty cannot successfully leash his thugs and they end up killing Joe.  The thugs then blackmail Marty into helping with a robbery at the ice rink.  The diversion planned is to release ammonia from the refrigeration system into the crowd.  Marty takes a bullet intended for Mike.  Happy Ending.

Familiar faces: young Mike was played by Scotty Beckett, who was "Scotty" in the Our Gang shorts.

Edit: Hey, I just noticed this is my 100th movie from MCMXXXVIII! Huzzah!


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