Three Comrades

Three Comrades starring Robert Taylor, Franchot Tone, Robert Young, and Margaret Sullavan.  Three disillusioned German soldiers return to a troublesome civilian life after World War I.  They meet a financially ruined former heiress, whom the youngest of the three marries.  Unfortunately she has recurring tuberculosis and does not have long to live.

This movie seems to be almost universally acclaimed but I didn't like it at all.  It was so serious!  I think there was one single scene in the movie that ended on a high note.  Every other scene was either outright sad, overlaid with hopelessness, or foreshadowing tragedy.  Blah.  I did like their souped-up car named "Baby", though.

This movie was based on a novel by Erich Maria Remarque, author of All Quiet on the Western Front.  The screenplay was at least partially written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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