My Lucky Star

My Lucky Star with Sonja Henie.  Like my other Sonja Henie movie, Happy Landing, this has Cesar Romero playing the playboy scoundrel.  It also reprises my favorite gag from the earlier movie - Billy Gilbert as a server pushing a special that his customers don't want.  This time he is running a sweet shop and pushing the tutti frutti sundae (with pistachios) when his customers just want chocolate.

Okay, the plot:  Cesar Romero is the son of a wealthy New York department store owner.  He has impulsively married a gold digger played by Gypsy Rose Lee (but credited as Louise Hovak).  His wife intends to take him to the cleaners in the divorce if she can get proof that he is fooling around.  He obliges by luring store employee Sonja Henie to his apartment, where she is seen but not identified.  To prevent positive identification Romero hatches a scheme to enroll her in remote Plymouth University where her job will be to provide product placement for the women's winter-wear department by changing clothes five times a day.  Fortuitously, ice skating is a popular pastime there.  Romance and hijinks ensue.  There is a pretty cool "Alice in Wonderland" ice ballet at the end of the movie.

Buddy Ebsen has a prominent part, opposite Joan Davis of "I Married Joan" fame.  Fish and chips man Arthur Treacher has a small role as factotum to Romero's dad.  Paul Hurst (the Yankee deserter shot by Scarlett) plays Gypsy Rose Lee's detective friend.

Gypsy Rose Lee and Paul Hurst

Joan Davis and Buddy Ebsen


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