Women Are Like That

Loveable rogue Bill Landin (Pat O'Brien) steals Claire (Kay Francis) from her own wedding to elope with her.  Claire's dad and Bill's boss Claudius (Thurston Hall) takes it all in stride and then embezzles most of the money from his advertising firm and skips out of the country.  Star adman Bill makes compromises to keep the company afloat and gets decidedly less loveable.  Claire helps Bill land a client (Melville Cooper) and Bill gets mad.  Bill skips out to ride a tramp steamer around the world while Claire goes to work for the ad agency.  Bill comes back, starts working for a rival agency, and steals all of Claire's clients.  While waiting for the divorce lawyer Bill repents and Claire takes him back.
This finishes out my Kay Francis for MCMXXXVIII.


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