Secrets of an Actress

Secrets of an Actress with Kay Francis and George Brent. Fay Carter (Kay Francis) is an accomplished touring actress, having played in road productions all of her life.  She has now decided that it is New York or nothing. Despite her talent, she can't land a job because she is unknown on Broadway. She meets and charms wealthy architect Peter Snowden (Ian Hunter) who decides to produce a play starring Fay.  Snowden's associate architect, Dick Orr (George Brent), thinks this is a poor investment but is proven wrong when the play is a success.  Both architects fall in love with Fay, and things are further complicated because Dick has an estranged wife who refuses to divorce him.

Kay Francis had a slight lisp... she had trouble with the letter "r". This was the first movie where it really jumped out at me, though. It's one of those things where once you notice it, you can't stop noticing it. Her roommate's name was Marian, or as Kay says it, "Mawian".

There is generally a lot of smoking in MCMXXXVIII movies.  Here is a scene where Kay Francis does a little majorette twirl with her cigarette.

Familiar faces: Penny Singleton as George Brent's secretary, Arthur Housman as a (surprise!) comical drunk, Clayton Moore as a theater usher.

Penny Singleton as Dick Orr's secretary

Arthur Housman has a disagreement with Marian about a lamp

Clayton Moore as a theater usher.  I wouldn't have picked him out.


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