Brother Rat

Brother Rat tells the escapades of three roommates at VMI during their senior year.  Wayne Morris plays Billy Randolph, the cocky ladykilling rulebreaker, Eddie Albert is 'Bing' Edwards, the star athlete who is secretly married, and Ronald Reagan plays Dan Crawford, the more reasonable of the three, who tries (unsuccessfully) to quell their reckless impulses.  Their respective love interests are Joyce (Priscilla Lane), Kate (Jane Bryan), and Claire (Jane Wyman).

'Rats' are freshmen just like at Georgia Tech (my own college).  'Brother Rats' are the men from your freshmen class that have accompanied you through your entire school career.  This was the movie version of a successful Broadway play (written by VMI grads), which was apparently a little racier.  Ronald Reagan played opposite Jane Wyman whom he would marry in a couple of years.  This was Eddie Albert's first film, reprising his role from Broadway.

Familiar face: Louise Beavers plays a maid.  I saw her recently as Mamie in Holiday Inn.

Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman

Louise Beavers and Priscilla Lane


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