Man from Music Mountain

Man from Music Mountain with Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette.  Gene Autry plays a singing cattle rancher named Gene Autry.  Evil businessman John Scanlon (Ivan Miller) concocts a real estate scam to sell worthless property in an abandoned ghost town, on the promise that it will soon have electricity from the the just completed Boulder Dam.  To sweeten the deal, he includes an interest in a worthless community gold mine.  Gene knows that there are no plans to build power lines to the area and that the mine is worthless, but he cannot convince the naive people moving in from the city.  Gene decides to scam the scammer by seeding the mine with real gold, but inadvertently convinces even more people to move into town.  This gold rush causes the power company to change their plans and run power lines to the town.  Just when Gene has convinced Scanlon to buy back his worthless mine, real gold is uncovered.  Gene must then rush to stop the sale.  In this movie Autry was much more dishonest than the bad guy, but in the end the good guys win and the bad guys lose.

Familiar face: Dick Elliot as a representative of the Southwest Water & Power Company, who played the man on the porch in It's a Wonderful Life ("Why don't you kiss her instead of talking her to death!")

Smiley opens an electric appliance shop


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