Gun Law

Gun Law with George O'Brien and Ray Whitley.   U.S. Marshal Tom O'Malley (George O'Brien) is on his way to clean up the crime-ridden town of Gunsight, Arizona.  On route, notorious gunslinger "The Raven" gets the drop on him.  Raven makes O'Malley exchange clothes with him and takes the Marshal's badge and assignment papers, intending to impersonate O'Malley. Before he can make it to town, Raven poisons himself by drinking from a contaminated watering hole, dies, and thus O'Malley is able to retrieve his belongings.  The Marshal also finds a letter of introduction Raven is carrying to a local crime boss in Gunsight. So O'Malley gets the bright idea of impersonating Raven and cracking this crime ring from the inside.  Once in Gunsight and establishing himself as Raven to the bad guys, he is informed that his mission is to kill the new Marshal that is due in town.  After using his U.S. Marshal badge as proof that he has already dispatched O'Malley, the bad guys get the bright idea that Raven/O'Malley should impersonate O'Malley as the town's new Marshal.  He does this but turns out not to be everything that the bad guys desire in a crooked lawman, so they start a rumor that O'Malley/Raven/O'Malley is really Raven impersonating O'Malley.

Ray Whitley plays Sam McGee, a singing waiter who is really an undercover deputy Marshal.  Ray Whitley wrote Back in the Saddle Again.



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