There's Always a Woman

There's Always a Woman.  Bill Reardon (Melvyn Douglas) is a former city detective trying (and failing) to make a go of it as a private dick.  His wife, Sally (Joan Blondell), thinks he only lacks publicity to be a success.  When Bill finally gives up and gets his old job back with the district attorney, Sally secretly accepts a private case on his behalf.  Due more to enthusiasm than skill she gradually uncovers clues which she immediately leaks to the press.  Bill finally joins forces with her and they solve the case.

Joan Blondell is lots of fun. She is unrelentingly cheerful and optimistic and constantly deceitful.  Melvyn Douglas thinks he wears the pants in the family but never manages to win an argument.  Something you don't see in today's movies: during almost every argument Melvyn Douglas raises his hand as if to strike Joan Blondell.


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