Four Daughters

Four Daughters with Claude Rains and the Lane Sisters.  Four musically inclined sisters living with their father are courted and marry.

Sisters Priscilla Lane, Rosemary Lane, and Lola Lane were cast together in this movie about four sisters.  They had another actress sister named Leota but apparently she was unsuitable so Gale Page was cast as the fourth sister.  The three Lanes plus Page were so popular in this movie that they were cast again in two sequels and a different sister movie.  Four Daughters was also John Garfield's debut movie.  He plays a handsome morose rebel.  The first half of this movie is all light comedy but the introduction of Garfield leads to tragic consequences.  I was kind of shocked at what this movie turned into.  I think this juxtaposition was what made this movie so popular (it was a Best Picture nominee), but I was a little put off by it.


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