Heart of the North

This movie is a tribute to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, starring Dick Foran, Patric Knowles, and Allen Jenkins as Mounties.  Gale Page (the only Lane sister who wasn't a Lane) is one of the love interests. This is one of the few 1938 movies in Technicolor (my seventh, if I haven't lost count). Lots of shoot-outs and fist fights.

Familiar faces: Russell Simpson who played Pa Joad in The Grapes of Wrath, Gloria Dickson who later die in a cigarette related house fire.

There is also a German Shepherd in this movie named Rex.  I found contemporary newspaper articles claiming that this was actually Lightning, the dog who had starred a couple of years before in White Fang, but he is not listed in IMDB.

Gale Page
Russell Simpson and Gloria Dickson
Allen Jenkins


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