Love Is a Headache

Carlotta Lee (Gladys George) is a stage actress on a string of failed plays.  Peter Lawrence (Franchot Tone) is a showbiz columnist who thinks he could steer Carlotta's career properly if only she would follow his advice.  Since she won't, he uses his column to torpedo her career choices so as to persuade her. Amidst this action, Peter learns that an old pal of his has died leaving two kids (played by Mickey Rooney and Virginia Weidler) orphan.  He uses a radio broadcast to solicit an adoptive family for them, and Carlotta's publicity man decides that she should adopt them for the positive press.  Peter is offended by this mercenary move and tries to expose Carlotta, who has grudgingly grown endeared to the kids.

Familiar face: Ralph Morgan (Frank Morgan's brother) as a wealthy suitor of Carlotta's

"Love Is a Headache" trailer from TCM


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