Algiers with Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie, and Hedy Lamarr.  Charles Boyer plays Pepe le Moko, a French jewel thief who is hiding in the Casbah region of Algiers.  The Casbah is labyrinthine and lawless which makes it impossible for the police to capture Pepe while he resides there.  The Casbah is his own little fiefdom but he misses Paris.  His self-imposed confinement  becomes intolerable when he meets a vacationing French beauty played by Hedy Lamarr.
Boyer was nominated for an Academy Award for this role and, even better, the Loony Tunes character Pepe le Pew is based on Boyer's Pepe le Moko. 
Familiar faces: Alan Hale and Gene Lockhart


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