The First Hundred Years

The First Hundred Years with Robert Montgomery.  This is a women's lib movie!  Lynn Claymore Conway (Virginia Bruce) is a highly successful literary and theatrical agent married to not-as-successful shipbuilder David Conway (Robert Montgomery).  They have been living a New York lifestyle impossible on David's salary.  He finally gets his dream job running a shipyard but it requires they move to New Bedford.  Even on his fantastic new salary of $15,000/year he won't earn as much as his wife, but it will be enough to have a nice life (with household staff intact) in New Bedford.  She doesn't want to quit, and they play a game of brinkmanship with each other to convince the other to give up his/her job.  Part of this sparring is when a judge awards David $400/month alimony from Lynn.  All is settled when Lynn learns she is pregnant.  New Bedford here they come.


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