Cowboy from Brooklyn

Cowboy from Brooklyn with Dick Powell and Priscilla Lane.  Elly Jordan (Dick Powell) is a down-on-his-luck Brooklyn singer who hops a freight train with his band mates in an attempt to make it to Hollywood.  They are kicked off of the train in Wyoming and petition the family owners of a dude ranch to work in exchange for food and lodging (complicated by Elly's irrational fear of all animals).  Jane Hardy (Priscilla Lane) is the rancher's daughter who hits on the bright idea of dressing Elly in cowboy clothes and having him sing cowboy songs to entertain the "dudes".  The next two dudes to arrive for some R&R are a fast-talking theatrical agent (Pat O'Brien) and his publicity man (Ronald Reagan).  Hearing Elly sing they think they have found a marketable diamond-in-the-rough and turn him into a New York sensation named 'Wyoming' Steve Gibson.  Trouble ensues when it is revealed that he is not a real cowboy at all.

That is about as succinctly as I can describe the plot and it still seems wordy to me.  Priscilla Lane (you may recall) is one of the Lane Sisters. It was fun to see Ronald Reagan and Pat O'Brien together pre-Knute.  This is not a movie I would go out of my way to see.

Pat O'Brien and Ronald Reagan


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